Tuesday, March 1, 2011

begining of week 9

 Monday morning I wake up with a few errands to run. By the time I complete my running around its lunchtime. For lunch I had a turkey sandwich with bacon and guacamole and a salad with low calorie raspberry vinaigrette. Then I head to the gym, it’s chest and triceps day today. I start off with 20 minutes on the treadmill and then it’s over to the weights for a good hard weight lifting session. I finish up the weights and then head over to the arc trainer for 20 minutes to finish off my cardio routine for the morning.
For dinner I ate a chicken stir fry and head back to the gym. I do the normal 60 minutes of cardio and then it’s out the door for a little gathering of Michiganders at the bar my girlfriend works at. I ended up drinking around 6 beers tonight. I got a pretty good buzz on. However, unlike the last time I got a little crazy, I make better decisions and leave the smoking out of the evening. I also was able to control my appetite and didn’t stuff my face with any food tonight.
 I woke up Tuesday morning moving a little bit slow, which I expected from a night of drinking. I eat a bowl of cheerios with 2% milk and head to the gym for some cardio action. It’s a 60 minute routine this morning and then I’m out of there.
Lunchtime ended up being some baked fish and a salad. I must have tweaked my knee or something this morning. I feel it would probably be best to skip my night session at healthsport this evening. For dinner I ate some mash potatoes and a chicken taco and snack on some unsalted peanuts later that evening. I sure hope my knee is feeling good in the morning. I only have one more work out day before the next weigh in. stayed tuned for my Thursday blogs. I will be doing 2 of them. One for the weigh in and one for a midweek update.

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