Friday, March 4, 2011

mid week 9

 Wednesday morning started out with some chex cereal and 2% milk for breakfast. Then it’s off to the gym for some cardio and weight training. I’m working my biceps and trap muscles today. But, first it’s 20 minutes on the treadmill. Then I head over to the weights. My workout is strong today because I was able to increase the weight on everything. I finish off my morning workout with 20 minutes on the arc trainer. Then its home for lunch which was left over chicken stir fry.
 Dinner time I ate an organic chicken burrito and enjoyed some chips and salsa. I decide to head back to the gym. Not sure what I did to my knee yesterday but, it’s feeling good today. I do a 60 minute cardio session in the evening and then head home for some rest.
Wednesday night I took my heart and blood pressure meds just before I went to bed. Just as I just finished up brushing my teeth and washing out my mouth I leaned up and passed out. I blasted my skull on the door knob on the way down. Pandemonium struck the house when everyone heard me hit the deck. It must of sounded like a tree falling down I’m sure.
 After I woke up I came out of the bathroom. Jenni said I was out for about 30 to 60 seconds. No one could get in the bathroom to help me because I was passed out in front of the door. So, we decided to go to the hospital to get me checked out. I figured that it was the meds that made me pass out and the doctors seem to agree with me. I’m taking the same dose as when I first got out of the hospital.
 Since I’ve been working out so hard it seems as though I have lowered my blood pressure enough on my own to reduce my meds. Taking the full doses dropped my blood pressure too much and that is what caused me to pass out. I had a ct scan and an EKG while at the hospital. All test came back as negative and it actually appears that my heart is back to pumping normally. I did not have a concussion either from blasting the door knob. Thank you hard ass Adkins skull for taking the shot.
 The doctors decided that I should stay for another day to monitor my vital signs. Everything checked out and I was released early Friday morning. As much as it sucked to be stuck in the hospital I am happy to get all the good news about my heart and blood pressure. I can resume my normal life.
 I missed out on the gym for Thursday obviously but, plan on continuing my workouts just as I have been. I’m not on any kind of restrictions or anything and my new doses of medicine are half of what they were. All in all I’m happy to be alive. My weigh in will have to be tomorrow, a couple days late but, what the hell huh?

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  1. Butch, GREAT NEWS! Hope your head is a-ok & not bruised. Being a human that has low-blood pressure & a predilection for vasovagal response to certain stimuli (high-heat, low fluids)( I totally understand what happened & what must've been crazy-scary for your household (and it's no fun to endure either... bottoming out in the bp department is icky!)

    Take it easy, drink lots of water & let your body adjust to the lower meds.
    Congrats on healing your own life! Such great news & think of how much you did in such a short period of time!

    Keep up the incredible work!