Tuesday, March 8, 2011

beginning of week 10

Well, after a crazy finish to week number 9, I sure am happy to be moving on to week 10. One thing that being in the hospital allowed me to do was read a bunch of good stuff about foods and their affects. So, that being said, I know I need to be stricter on my diet to truly get the results that I am searching for. That is my focus on month 3.
 Monday morning I started with some organic cereal that taste more like tree bark than anything I have ever eaten in my whole life. It was all right though, I mean, I still threw it down without any issues. Then it’s off to the gym for some cardio and weight lifting. I began with 20 minutes on the treadmill. I turned up the speed to 3.5 mph and the grade to 10%. I feel that my body must be getting used to the cardio I have been doing so, I need to turn up the heat and work a little harder than in the previous 2 months. I get a good sweat rolling and head over to the weights side of the gym. I’m working my chest and triceps today. Another great weights routine and then it’s back to finish up my morning cardio. A 20 minute session on the arc trainer as fast as I can and then it’s on to the rowing machine for another fast paced 20 minutes.
 I head home and enjoy a nice orange juice and mango smoothie along with a banana. When dinner rolled around we ended up having spaghetti and carrots and peas. I decided to head back to healthsport in the evening. I’m there for just a quick 40 minute cardio session and then I’m out. When I got home I made myself a salad. It was romaine with carrots and broccoli along with crimini mushrooms and a little cheese and some low cal raspberry vinaigrette. I’m really trying to focus on eating more raw veggies this month so; I see lots of salads in my future.
 Tuesday morning for breakfast I eat another delicious bowl of tree bark cereal. Then I’m off to the gym. I’m just doing cardio today. It’s the normal 20/20/20 minute split then I’m home for lunch. Which, ended up being another fantastic salad the same as last night. Also, a vegetarian BLT sandwich. It was pretty good actually, whatever the hell it was.  It was some kind of bacon substitute, I don’t know. I had an apple and some yogurt before I headed back to the gym in the evening. I decided to switch it up tonight on the cardio. I did start off with the treadmill but moved over to the stepmill after that. If you’re not familiar with the stepmill it’s basically just a bunch of steps that continually rotates until you can’t take it anymore. Nice piece of equipment though. I definitely see myself using that thing a lot more In the future. For dinner I ate some koos koos and one more salad along with an all organic un processed beef hot dog.
 It’s been a good start to the week. After receiving a clean bill of health I am super stoked about the way things have gone so far. I have made huge strides in only 2 months of solid working out. I feel this is going to be a critical month and I plan on making the most out of it.

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