Saturday, March 5, 2011

day 60 weigh in

 I go to the gym today to have my 60 (62) day weigh in. when I began this journey I weighed in the first day at 345 ponds. I am now down to 305 pounds in sixty days. My weight loss was only 12 pounds on month number 2. I not disappointed with month 2‘s weight loss but, I am a little surprised. I was expecting it to be a little more. I was hoping to drop below the 300 pound mark today.
 That being said, overall in 60 days I’m happy be down 40 pounds. In my second month I began weight training so, I figure I put on some muscle weight and continued to lose fat. I don’t know if 2 days in the hospital with I.V.’s stuck in my arm played a roll or not.
 As I reflect on these 2 months I see that I can make room for improvement on my diet. It pretty much is the final key to my success. The workouts are still going great as is the cardio training. The more knowledge I receive from studying about the foods that we eat the more I realize the need for eating raw veggies and low sugar fruits.
As I rage on in month number 3 I look forward to the challenge of beating the 12 pounds lost in month number 2. I couldn’t be happier about all the good news from the hospital after my entire test. Lowering my blood pressure and getting my heart to pump normally again has been accomplished. Now it’s on to phase 2 of my plan. To become in the best personal shape I have ever been in.


  1. Wow! Way to go, Butch...40 pounds is awesome!

  2. Keep up the great work!! Also, you should have a Twitter account! I am tweeting about you starting today, hope you get some new readers! I predict in month three that you kick some major arse with all you're learning & engine-revving. You are teaching your body to work like the machine it is. Keep up with the great diet tweaks--combining balance & enjoyment. Can't pass up how great you feel as a result!

  3. if you join Twitter, you can find me here: