Tuesday, March 22, 2011

beginning of week 12

 Monday morning, not my favorite, but, got to get moving. I start my day with some yogurt and a banana and head to the gym. My shoulder is feeling pretty decent today. So, I’m going to lift weights a little bit. But first, hello treadmill, 20 minutes and I’m over to the weights. I do a real light routine for my shoulders and triceps, obviously I don’t want to hurt myself anymore than I all ready did. I get through the weight lifting routine and I go back to the cardio side. I do 20 minutes on the arc trainer and hit the shower.
Lunchtime I made myself a big huge salad. I used organic leaf lettuce along with some spinach and mixed it together. I topped it with broccoli and carrots and my favorite, mushrooms. I use light raspberry vinaigrette to top it off. I did shred a little bit of cheese on top of my salad as well, not much I swear.
 For dinner I ate some carrots and broccoli along with a grass-fed cheese burger. Damn, I just can’t eliminate the meat in my life. I love meat! Lol, anyways, I’m trying to do my best on the meat thing. I really am.  So, in the evening I decided to head back to healthsport for some more cardio action. I do the normal 60 minute routine and hit the hot tub. Feels like a Monday that’s for sure. When I got home I ate an orange.
 Tuesday morning I start my day off with yogurt and a banana along with a low sodium v-8. I head to the gym for a 60 minute cardio routine. 20 hard minutes on the treadmill at 10% grade and 3.2 mph and in those 20 minutes I walk just over a mile and burn 185 to 190 calories is what the display shows. Then 20 hard minutes on the arc trainer which ends up being a little over a mile and between 200 to 250 calories burned. Finished off with 20 minutes on the rowing machine. The rowing machine display says I row over 4000 meters and burn around 220 to 240 calories in those 20 minutes. I feel that this is a good pace.
 I head home for lunch and eat a free range turkey sandwich on whole wheat with an apple on the side. I made myself another huge salad the same as I made yesterday later in the day. I decide to head back to healthsport in the evening for a 40 minute cardio session and top it off with 10 laps in the pool. My shoulder feels good but, it like movements that are only low and not above my head. I’ll have to keep that in mind.
 I’m happy with my start to week 12. I’m doing good and working hard. I definitely feel it’s time for me to start mixing in other cardio. I get sick of seeing those machines. There is a couple I have been avoiding but, don’t think I can do it for much longer, the step mill and Jacobs ladder, damn, just the sound of those, lol. I feel much better than I did last week; my cough is almost out of me all the way.

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