Sunday, March 20, 2011

week 11

 Monday morning for breakfast I ate a bowl of cereal with 2% milk and headed off to the gym. I am doing some weight lifting along with my cardio today. I am starting out with 20 minutes on the treadmill and then over to the weights. I’m working my chest and triceps. I finish my weight routine and head back to the cardio. I do 20 minutes on the arc trainer and 20 minutes on the rowing machine. I head home for lunch which ended up being a foot long sub from subway and some baked chips and iced tea. Dinner ended up being baked chicken with carrots and organic Mac and cheese. I head back to the gym in the evening. I do a 40 minute cardio session and 20 laps in the pool this evening.
 Tuesday morning for breakfast I had a bowl of cereal in 2% milk and head for the gym. Just cardio today for me, a 60 minute session is in order. I finish off my morning workout and head for home. For lunch I used some left over baked chicken and put it on top of a salad. I decide to head back to the gym in the evening. 40 more minutes of cardio and I hit the shower. For Dinner I ate 2 pieces of cheese pizza.
 Wednesday morning for breakfast I ate some yogurt and a banana and head for the gym. I start my workout with the usual 20 minutes on the treadmill. Then I head over to the weights for some lifting. I am working my biceps and trap muscles today. On my very first exercise I feel something in my shoulder pop. I immediately stop my weight training for the day and I am in some pain. Too much pain to be at the gym so, I head home with a sore wing. I’m working today so, I hope it doesn’t affect me too much. My shoulder is sore as hell. While I was working I ate a turkey sandwich for lunch and when dinner time came around we had organic spaghetti.
I didn’t sleep well on Wednesday night. My sore shoulder kept me from being comfortable in a sleeping position. Thursday when I did get out of bed it was time to go to work. I had time to throw down some cereal and head out the door. Lunchtime came around it was another turkey sandwich today. No trip to the gym today for me at all. For dinner I ate a tuna filet with baked potato and steamed broccoli. Thursday was St. Patty’s day so, I did drink 6 beers. My shoulder still hurts pretty badly. I can’t really move my arm above my shoulder today still.
Friday morning I sleep in until lunch time basically. I go to the local burrito truck and have them whip me up a chicken burrito before heading to work for the day. My shoulder is feeling a little better today. We are working late so I grab a quick salad for an early dinner; I guess is what I will call it. After work was over I ate 3 pieces of cheese pizza.
Saturday morning rolled around and when I climbed out of bed my shoulder was really stiff. I was able to get a good night sleep though which I am happy about. I do realize I am not going to be able to lift weights for a while. I’m also hoping my shoulder doesn’t affect my softball season. For breakfast I ate a bowl of cereal. For lunch I ate a turkey sandwich and for dinner I had an 8 ounce steak with 2 scoops of rice.
 Sunday morning I cooked up some scrambled eggs and sausage. Not good for me but, tasted damn good. I ate some yogurt and fruit around lunch time and snacked on some crackers and chips and salsa the rest of the evening.
Overall, it was kind of a shitty week. Not only did I hurt my shoulder but, I missed a bunch of time at the gym. I still feel a little sick. Damn, cough won’t leave me alone. My girlfriend had to cover a bunch of shifts at the bar she works at. So, I go and pick her up every night anywhere between midnight and 3 am. I couldn’t seem to get enough sleep and hit the gym with work also involved this week. However, she won’t have to do that anymore and it will be business as usual next week.
In reality I think I used my injury as an excuse to cut out on some of my exercise for the week. I recognize this and need to overcome any thoughts of laziness in the future. Also hoping my shoulder gets better quick. I knew this was going to be one of my toughest entries into this blog because I was the laziest I have been in months. I think I might have gained some weight back even.
It just adds fuel to the fire for next week. I know it is going to be a serious commitment to get where I need to get to. My level of smoking is still really good. My alcohol intake was a little high this week I would say around 15 beers or so. I have not had a chew in 14 days now. WOO HOO!!!

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