Sunday, February 27, 2011

end of week 8

 Friday morning I start my day with yogurt and a banana all mixed up and topped with granola. I decide to use today as my off day at the gym. My legs are fatigued and I need a day of rest anyways. Lunchtime comes and I eat a tuna fish sandwich. It wasn’t quite enough so, I threw down a spinach burrito a couple of hours later. Friday night jenni made some stuffed pasta shells that were excellent, not the best for me but it is the weekend.
 Saturday morning I wake up ready to go. I start off with a peanut butter and banana sandwich for breakfast. Then it’s off to the gym for some cardio and weight training. I’m working my back and shoulders today but first, it’s 20 minutes on the treadmill. Then I’m over to the weights. I get another outstanding workout in this morning, capped off by 40 more minutes of cardio. Lunchtime was an organic burrito that I topped off with some mild salsa.
 Saturday evening I decide to head back to healthsport for some more cardio. I’m just swimming tonight. I get in 20 laps and then its home for dinner. Jenni cooked up a shepards pie. It had potatoes, meat and veggies in it. This was also very tasty. I take a couple of puffs tonight to help me relax. And boy, did it ever relax me, I needed it.
 Sunday morning I start the day off with some cereal in 2% milk. Pretty sugary stuff but, it’s all that was in the house for breakfast food. I head to the gym for an hour cardio session. The rowing machine has been kicking my ass all week so, I’m going to keep using it. I start off with 20 minutes on the treadmill and then another 20 minutes on the arc trainer and then I head over to see my new friend, the rowing machine. It tells me that I row 4000 meters in 20 minutes. I think this is a good pace, at least that’s how I feel using it.
Sunday for lunch I ate a grass fed beef cheeseburger and then we decided to take the dogs for a nice little hike up in the mountains. I would say we did about a mile round trip with changing elevations, I’m pretty happy with that. I did take a couple of puffs to help me enjoy my little walk with nature. I get home and eat a salad with carrots, mushrooms, and tuna. I did top it off with ranch dressing. I had time to head back to healthsport in the evening. I just plan on doing some more swimming tonight. I actually was able to swim 25 laps tonight, I’m real happy with that. For dinner I had 3 pieces of chicken bbq pizza. Again, not the greatest for me but, they were thin crust.
 My plan to limit my smoking has been working out well. I have stuck to just enjoying mind elevation on the weekends. My drinking has also been doing really well. I have only had 2 beers all week. I’m still pounding the water as much as I can. I believe I’m drinking well over a gallon a day. The workouts are going great. I still have room to improve on my diet and will improve on my diet. My heart is feeling really good. I haven’t had any weird feelings or anything in a long time now, I’d say close to a month or so.
 The day 60 weigh in is 3 workout days away…..I’m looking forward to it!

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  1. Keep up the great work...I'm impressed with the major decrease in smoking & drinking to go along with all these other lifestyle changes. You're doing an awesome job...proud of you!