Tuesday, February 1, 2011

beginning of week 5

It’s the beginning of another month. Monday morning I roll out of bed feeling a little worn down. I eat some yogurt for breakfast and head off to the gym. Start with my 20 minutes on the treadmill. Then it’s over to the weights. I am working chest and triceps today. 12 sets of 12 reps for each body part is how I roll. I was able to increase the weight on everything so, I’m happy with that. What I’m not happy with is the fact that I went home after my weight training and did not finish my cardio routine for the day. I grab a turkey sub on the way home and that is my lunch. I decide not to go back to the gym in the evening. I’m going to let my body recover tonight. Dinner ended up being baked chicken and noodles and spaghetti sauce. I decide to hit the bed.
 Tuesday morning I wake up feeling good. I eat a turkey sub for breakfast and head to the gym. I’m just doing cardio today. The normal 20/20/20 split and I’m out the door. I just ate an apple for lunch and 3 pieces of cheese pizza for dinner.
Tuesday evening I head back to the gym. I do 20 minutes on the treadmill and 20 minutes on the arc trainer. Then I’m off to the pool and hot tub. I swam around 400 meters tonight. It feels pretty good. I’m nice and exhausted when I step out of the pool. Then it’s, shower and home.
I saw a psychologist on TV. one time say that it only takes a month to start a good habit. If that’s the case then, I’m well on my way to my goals. I planned on turning up the heat on my weight training this week. But, after getting some advice from a good friend and studying a little more about my heart condition I have decided to just keep it the way it is for a while.
I think subconsciously I down play my heart condition more than I should. Congestive heart failure is a pretty serious situation so I have to keep that in mind. I’ve been doing real well on keeping my alcohol intake to a minimum and I have cut back on smoking. There is always room for improvement and I’m working my way there. So far, another good start to the week.

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  1. Really like the tone of your posts!
    I think you need to make sure to eat more than just an apple for lunch!
    I don't care who you are, you need much more than that, & if your tummy is like mine, when I eat an apple on an empty stomach, it isn't all that pretty... and starts acting like it needs something to counter the acidity (although I don't really think of apples as acidic). Anyway, my two cents for today. Keep up the excellent work!!