Sunday, February 6, 2011

endof week 5

I wake up Friday to a great day outside. I hit up one of my all time favorite items for breakfast. A peanut butter and banana sandwich. My grandpa used to make me those when I was a little boy. Reason enough to eat one right there! It’s the normal cardio routine today. 20/20/20 split. It’s kind of odd but, when I move on to my last cardio machine for the day, the arc trainer, the first ten minutes are always tough. But then, I get into the groove and usually tear it up good to finish strong.
 I go home and have an apple, a banana and some yogurt for lunch. Then I head to a beach up north with friends to look for agates. An almost see through stone. It was pretty cool really. Felt a lot like looking for Petoskey stones. I probably walked close to a half mile in the sand.  A little reminder of home sweet home. For dinner I had broccoli and spaghetti. I’m not going back to the gym tonight. Some recover time is needed.
 I indulged in some scrambled eggs with cheese for breakfast on Saturday morning. Then Threw down a glass of 2% chocolate milk. At least it was a small It’s off to the gym I go. I’m finishing up my weight training for the week today. I bang out the treadmill for 20 minutes and it’s over to the weights. I’m working back and shoulders today. This routine takes around 60 minutes so it’s pretty extensive. I finished my cardio on the elliptical. Another hard 20 minutes and it’s the shower.
Lunchtime I was feeling like grilled cheese and tomato soup. I hadn’t had that combo at the same time in over 20 years. It was refreshingly different. Feeling good Saturday evening so, I head back to the gym. I do 40 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes on the elliptical and then 20 minutes on the arc trainer. I hit the shower and head home for dinner. I eat a tasty little steak with broccoli and carrots. That’s the first steak I have eaten in a long time. I’m straight carnivore so, you know I loved that.
 Damn, I wake up Sunday morning with a sore ankle. It was a little swollen to. So, I decide to forgo my usual morning gym session because of my ankle. I start my day off with peanut butter toast. I’m pretty much tossing out the diet today. I mean, come on, it is superbowl Sunday!lol. For lunch I made myself a cheeseburger and ate some potato salad as well. Dinner was sloppy Joes and ribs. It was positively delicious.
I start thinking to myself how much I really ate today and damn, it was a lot. So, with the whole fourth quarter remaining in the superbowl I decide to head to my gym, healthsport, and do some swimming. I figured it would be the best thing I could do for my sore ankle as far as being low impact. I swim 20 laps tonight. I’m super stoked about it, I mean damn, that’s a 1000 meters.
I definitely got my fill of red meat this weekend. Something I don’t plan on doing again this month. I just happened to read this article today on yahoo that said that California fish are way over the mercury limits for anyone to be eating. So, I still look for healthy alternatives to eat all the time. I sure as hell don’t want to become a
I’m happy with what I accomplished this week. My cardio is doing great. My will power is doing great. Everything is going great. Now, to turn great into fabulous and then, turn fabulous into spectacular…..

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  1. Nice work, man! Keep it up! You are inspiring me, even as I try to inspire others with my own efforts!