Monday, January 17, 2011

week 2 update

Here is my 2 week update. From here on out I will be posting a lot more frequently. I haven’t stepped on the scale yet so, I’m not sure total pounds lost up to this point but, let’s just say, it’s noticeable. The diet has been good. Cut out all fast food and eating a ton more apples, bananas, and oranges…..I know people that say watch the fruit intake but, I mean come on, it’s better than a bigmac! I’ve been cooking a lot more veggies too. I love broccoli so that’s an easy one. Increased the squash, zucchini, beans, and peas. Usually throw them all in a pan with olive oil and some chicken and make a stir fry. Lunch time is easy, I love sandwiches and there is a thousand combinations so that is lunch along with some fruit. Breakfast is cereal, occasionally an English muffin or bagel with peanut butter. Not 100% fat free life but, hey, I’m only human. I am also drinking a gallon of water a day. Sometimes I have to force myself to drink that much water but I feel the benefits are great from water.
 Life at the gym is good. I’ve been doing 6 days a week and sometimes even twice a day. Loving the pool, swimming laps at night….not very many, yet. The cardio equipment at healthsport is absolutely fantastic. They have T.V.’s built right in….that’s how lazy Americans are; they have to put T.V.’S in the stuff so people will use them.LOL.
 I feel even though it’s only 2 weeks, I can breathe much better and I can even bend over and tie my shoes. I always had to put my foot on something before to bring my foot closer. I’m also finding myself becoming more driven towards achieving other goals in my life. It’s kind of a strange connection but, I do think it’s a real one.
I’m looking forward to starting some weight training in week 3 and increasing the cardio to 60 minutes. There is a machine I really want to try so; I’ll integrate that into my workout as well. So far, all systems go. My focus is good and my will is strong.


  1. Wonderful work Butcher! I'm proud of you! Keep the posts coming!

  2. This is so great Butch! Good for you :)