Wednesday, January 19, 2011

midweek 3 update

  Tuesday morning I ate some toast with peanut butter and had a 100 calorie yogurt. Off to the gym I go. I do the usual to start, 20 minutes on the treadmill.  Working my biceps and trap muscles today. I switch up my arm exercise between cables and free weights. I always do 3 sets of 12 reps on every exercise. I like to do 12 sets per body part that I’m working. Back to the elliptical for 20 minutes and then on to the arc trainer. I referred to the arc trainer as a crossfit machine in an earlier post but, I was wrong, it’s the arc trainer. Sweet machine, my new favorite. Off to the shower then I Headed for the home front and had a ham sandwich with an apple for lunch. Dinner was pizza…I know, pizza? Yes, but, it was only 100 calories a slice and I had 4. Not bad for the day.
  Wednesday morning I woke up and could barely move. Ouch. I must have been nuts thinking I could lift weights 6 times in the first week. I’m backing off my original plan for 2 weeks. I’ll just keep the cardio rolling 6 days and only lift 3 days. I skipped the gym today; a little muscle recovery time is a must. I made breakfast this morning…not the healthiest, eggs, potatoes and sausage all thrown together and topped with cheese. It was good but, not good for We ate a late breakfast so, we only had 2 meals today. Dinner ended up being veggie lasagna. Nice healthy dinner dish.
 I feel good about my progress. I think the main thing I need to remember is to take it slow. This change is not going to happen overnight. I abused my body my whole life so, if it takes a year to accomplish my goal, so be it. My heart feels good, I feel like I’m sleeping well at night. If I could get down to 260 I would be happy with that. I have an xxl frame so, 260 looks pretty good on
 Back at it in the morning, just doing cardio though, I’m sore as hell. Hoping to do some swimming tomorrow night and then on to the hot tub, thank you hot tub. Be strong to live long.

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  1. Sauna too! Do you have one at your new gym? I'm so proud of you my friend! It's so wise to think of it as a slow process as well as one you want to implement for the rest of your life.