Friday, April 1, 2011

90 day weigh in

Today marks my 90 day weigh in. I came into the month weighing 305 and after stepping on the scale today I am now at 307. 2 pounds gained in the third month. It was definitely kind of an odd month for me. It started out with going to the hospital for a couple of days. I also got really sick and hurt my shoulder which cost me a few days at the gym this month.
All excuses aside, it’s my diet that needs the most work. Not that I don’t know how to improve my diet, it’s the part of actually sticking to it that I’m talking about. My work at the gym is still good. I don’t see anyone there out working me, ever! I have been growing very tired of the same cardio routine day in and day out. I’m really looking forward to being able to do cardio work outside now that the weather is turning nice again.
 My 4th month will be a big one for me. I am leaving northern California to return home to northern Michigan in a few days. We are planning on leaving here on the 11th of this month, I’m sure we’ll be on the road for 4 days or so. The plan is to work really hard at the gym before I go and also I plan on only eating fruits and veggies until we arrive in northern Michigan. It’s going to be a tall task but, one I look forward to.
I’m not disappointed in my 90 day weigh in, not really the word I would use right now. I just feel I need to tighten up the program and stick to it. This is going to be a critical month. It’s real easy for me to work out here in northern California. The real test will be when I return home to distractions that I don’t have out here. So, with my 2 pound weight gain I rage on. Hey, the 2 pound gain just makes for a better story in the future, stay tuned!

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